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Hi, myself Rahul Kumar and I am back with my second blog which is a part of an assignment of Digital Deepak Internship program in which he taught us about Customer avatar and how to target your ideal customer.


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We all know that learning is a process of acquiring new understanding, knowledge, behaviours, skills, values and preferences. If we want to master anything the first step is to learn and understand it.

Doing is just another step of learning. Doing means implementing what you have learned.

The last step to master the skill is teaching. Teaching involves creating an environment and engaging with others so that they can learn various things. It makes us professionals in the field of interest.


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We all are human beings. Mistakes are part of life. We all do mistakes. It is portal of discovery and proof that you are trying. It is not bad to say that mistakes are future benefits. It helps us in removing the boundaries created by the fear of failure and also motivates, give confidence in all aspects of life.

Marketing is all about good conversations

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In my last blog, I wrote about the importance of conversations in our life. Marketing is all about conversation, how effectively we can convince others for our products and services. If you cannot converse well 1:1, you cannot converse 1:many. Communication skill helps us to easily convince and communicate with our potential clients when marketing.

For a good conversation, we must have to be authentic. We are living in a world of various false people. During a conversation make sure that your facts are accurate and don’t make false promises. Build a connection with the people you are communicating with.

Who is A better marketer?

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Marketing is the study of the market. People with more life experiences are a better marketer. Some of the ways for becoming a good marketer:-

· Have more life experiences

· Travel

· Learn a new language

· Do new things all the time.

Here are some of the ways of becoming a good digital marketer.

· Get involved in paid social advertising

· Become a better content marketer

· Research deeply on your niche

· Make use of digital marketing tools


If everyone is your audience then no one is your audience. Identifying your audience is one of the most important things in marketing. If a person is showing a particular interest in your product or service area through activities such as searching for specific retailers indicate that they are close to buying your service or product.

People also present their views about your product or services in positive, negative or neutral as measured by various analysis.

Social media marketing is one the way for identifying our audience. It includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos that drive audience engagement.

How to define your target customer?

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Ø Write to your single customer at a time.

Ø Through you have a big audience, everyone is alone with their device, connect with them 1:1 communication

Ø Join mental conversations.

Ø That’s why Email/Messaging is more powerful than social media.

Ø Headline>First sentence>Second sentence>Third> Fourth

Demographics and Psychographics

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Demographic data is descriptive data about people which helps the organisation or firm to target its customer.

Some examples of demographics are:-

· Age

· Income

· Education Level

· Gender

· Marital status

· Ethnicity

The main difference of demographics and psychographics is that demographics mainly focuses on visible information on the other hand psychographics focuses on internal characteristics like beliefs, interest, values and many more.

Psychographics in marketing focuses on understanding consumer’s needs and behaviour so that you can market your product and services more precisely. Using psychographics we can understand our audience more deeply.

Psychographic segmentation helps the marketers to:-

· Understand how your customers perceive your products and services

· Identify pain points related to your products

· Address objection people will have


A customer avatar is a useful way to understand your target audience and their needs. It helps us to focus on the right people and how our product fits them.


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This is the 1st time , I hear about customer avatar and what I understood is, customer avatar is a detailed profile of a specific person who might be in the bottom of our sales funnel. Deepak sir told us to conduct a survey for your customer avatar to identify your target audience.

How to create a customer avatar

Deepak sir told us to create a survey form and send it to our friends, family or to post in any social media. In class 2 of the internship program, he also conducted a survey and showed us his ideal customer according to the survey. He also told us other ways of creating customer avatar such as google analytics, google search console and we can also interview a person who showed interest in our product or services.

Customer avatar survey

These days, the entertainment trades are filled with stories about new web series and the film world is not immune from being in this new business landscape. That’s why I created my survey on web series which is becoming a new source of entertainment and also in this COVID -19 situation, it demand is at peak. From the survey, I would like to find out the

· Gender

· Age

· Platform mainly use to watch entertainment

· Ever watched web series or not

· Genre of a TV show

· The most liked web series

· The most liked Indian web series

I got 11 responses and here comes with my ideal customer avatar and this the link of my survey form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc1truCsSg-YR8Rrfj5LWMnjiSIa5unoLKLgxxWZew9yNqg0A/viewform?usp=sf_link



My 1st ideal customer avatar is Piyush Prasoon, in the age range of 18–24. He mainly prefers Disney Hotstar to watch entertainment. He quite often watches videos online and his genre of a TV show is a thriller. He watched approximately 50 web series in which his Dark and Sacred Games is his most liked web series.


My 2nd customer avatar is Pushpendra Solanki, in the age range of 18–24. He mainly prefers Netflix to watch entertainment. He also quite often watch videos online and his genre of the TV show is a thriller. He watched approximately 18 web series in which Money Heist is his most liked web series and the Professor of this web series is his all-time favourite character. His most liked Indian web series is Mirzapur.


My 3rd customer avatar is Pratyush Raj, in the age range of 18–24. He also prefers Netflix to watch entertainment. He also quite often watch videos online and his genre of the TV show is a thriller. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is his most liked web series and Pitchers is his most liked Indian web series.


We should follow the golden triangle rule learn>do>teach and be authentic in your conversation. Define the target customer through demographic and psychographic segmentation. Focus on the centre. Awkwardness is an indicator of learning. Challenges what you already know and creates new beliefs and way of thinking.

If you want to learn more about digital marketing visit https://digitaldeepak.com/

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