A Step Towards Digital Marketing


Write down your Goal

Writing a goal is one of the most important thing before proceeding any program. The goal is to improve communication skill so that we can excel at all the areas of life and  also to improve sales skills so that we can better market ourselves and our products.


    Key Basic skills

  1. Communication skills- Developing communication skills can help all aspects of our life from professional life to social gatherings and everything in between. Communication is needed to speak appropriately with a wide variety of people. It helps in building public relations and gathering a large crowd of people . Communication helps in content creation , sales and becoming a successful professional or entrepreneur. It is necessary for the growth of every organization. Communication skill help us to easily convince and communicate to our potential clients when marketing. We need to build a mass trust with audience so that they connect with our content.


Easy Ways To Master Communication

  • Reading is a means of language communication, language acquisition, and sharing information and ideas. To

Improve our communication skills we must have to read a lot.  We should start with simple books and read atleast 30 minutes a day.

  • Listening to podcasts at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Writing is also one of the most important skill for mastering communication. To write clearly it is essential to understand the basic system of a language. We must have good writing skills to target audience. We should start with writing a blog , short stories, diary.
  • Watching English web series, sitcoms helps in building good communication skill.
  • We should watch standup comedy shows to learn culture and local slangs.
  1. Sales- The second important skill for digital marketing is sales. Sales is a term used to describe the selling of goods and services. By improving our sales skill we can be able to sale ourselves and our services better to the target audience than our competitors.

A little bit about Global economics


Since business deals with selling goods and services to a customer, economics deals with supply and demands of all products in the country . They both are interrelated to each other . In order to run a business we must have to understand how the global economy works.

  • The economy of a country goes up when the average age of the country goes up but economy goes down when average age goes up above 50,household spending goes down.
  • Debt creates money. If we want more money in the economy we have to go further into debt.
  • When people start repaying their debt deflation of money supply happens. Debt repayments are the are just the opposite process to money creation. Due to repaying debts economy of country shrinks and creates a recession.
  • But we shouldn’t worry about recession. People will always pay money for value.
  • During recession strong companies survive and weak companies fail.

Some books which help us to understand how economy works

  • Economics 101
  • Currency wars
  • The wealth of Nation
  • Essentials of Economics by Paul Krugman
  • What The Economy Needs Now by Raghuram Rajan

  Why Digital Marketing?

 We all know that marketing is a study of market. Professional  marketers defined marketing as “ Satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process”.  Digital marketing is any form of marketing products through channels such as social media, mobile applications, email, web application, websites or any digital channels. It is simply a better way to do marketing. It is around us from decades because the world is moving towards digital. Digital marketing will never die as marketing never die. As needs and products keep going on, you needs ways to market them.

Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing

How Integrated Digital Marketing Works


An integrated approach helps us to explore specific strategies such as SEO, email marketing, social media. Instead of focusing on one strategy we have to focus on different channels to gain more traffic . The sales cycle consist of several areas such as email , paid advertising, SEO, social media. With increasing number of channels and choices, integrated digital marketing becomes crucial for building trust with customers.

How to select your niche       


Selecting a niche has many benefits such as attracting more customers, less marketing cost but it become difficult to select a niche that is best suited for you. Your niche should be combination of passion, talent and market opportunity.

The 3 major niches are:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationship(+fashion)

How to find market demand


After selecting a particular niche then find  the market demand of your preferred niche, you can follow these steps.

  • Google Auto Suggest – Here we can easily find top demands on a particular niche.
  • com- Here we can get what people is most searching for a particular niche.
  • Look for Amazon reviews.
  • Select your own itch( ex Bike , car)
  • Talk to your customers and take advice from them.
  • Look for pre and post product/services of other products.

Building a personal brand is important

Your personal brand can be vital to you professionally. It help us to present ourselves to current and potential clients. The best known will always beat the best. Do not hesitate to put your content out there. It will help you to gain confidence. Do not have the fear of standing out. We should show our personality and character on social media. We should publish content in different forms- with more content, you will own more of the internet.

Benefits of personal branding

Personal branding is important for you in many ways. Some of the examples are-

  • It helps in achieving your own style and your tribe.
  • People want to hear from people from people, not from brands,
  • You can get a job, close a client or build your own consulting / training business.
  • Build your own fame within a community. It’s cool to be known by other people.

How the funnel works


A sales funnel is a journey of your potential customer go through on the way to purchase. If we get 100000 at the top of the funnel, we get approximately 1000 at  the bottom who are our potential customers. The working of the funnel becomes automated. The top of the funnel is the informational where peoples search for information. The middle of the funnel is transactional where people research different solutions and the bottom of the funnel is for comparing solutions before final purchase.

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